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Create a new Virtual Machine in VMWare Server Administration Tool

  • Open VM console
  • Create Virtual Machine:
    • Give a name
    • Datastore: standard
    • Guest OS: Linux operating system / Ubuntu Linux (64-bit)
    • Memory size: 128MB
    • #CPU: 1
    • Create a new virtual disk: 4GB , Policies>> Optimize for performance
    • Add a Network Adapter (bridged)
    • Use an ISO image: ubuntu-10.04-server-adm64.iso
    • Don't add a floppy drive
    • Don't add a USB controller
    • Finish

Change Ubuntu Server from DHCP to a Static IP Address

  • Open up the /etc/network/interfaces file. For the primary interface, which is usually eth0, you will see these lines:
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

Change it to values similar to:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
  • Add the DNS settings in the /etc/resolv.conf file. On the line ‘name server’ replace the x with the IP of your name server. (You can do ifconfig /all to find out what they are)
  • Restart the networking components:
sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart